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Installment Agreement

Whether your balance is large or small, the IRS has several options for repayment. Dryden Tax Resolution can set up an agreement for you that's payable over an extended time frame. This allows you to pay your back taxes in smaller, bite sized pieces so you can keep up with your other financial obligations.

Once an Installment Agreement is put into place, the IRS will stop all other collections like bank and wage garnishments, and if a Federal Tax Lien hasn't already been filed, you'll be able to avoid one as long as you keep up with your payments.

If those payments are still too much for you to afford, the IRS also allows you to enter into an agreement that won't full pay the balance due, by providing copies of your paychecks and bills. These agreements can have monthly payments as low as $0 depending on your situation. This kind of agreement does come with the required filing of a Federal Tax Lien. Dryden Tax Resolution can help you strategize to determine what might be the best solution for you.

A sheet of paper with the words "installment payment agreement" and money scattered on top
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